Ch.04 Survey: Policy, Leadership, and Advocacy

Teachers, coaches, and administrators can use this survey from the end of Chapter 4 (Vald├ęs et al) to investigate the policy, leadership, and advocacy context surrounding CCSS and ELLs/emergent bilinguals at their school/district/organization. The survey asks educators to focus on a) the existence of a language policy regarding ELLs/EBs at the local level, b) educators' knowledge about what that language policy says about programs and practices for ELLs/EBs, and c) whether that language policy was used to guide CCSS implementation.

After individuals complete their surveys, leadership teams are encouraged to discuss survey responses, and identify one to three issues that stand out as challenges in their context. Then team members are asked to identify one to three action steps they can take to address the challenges they identify. As questions arise, educators are encouraged to turn to expert responses in the chapter for guidance.

Publication: Common Core Bilingual and English Language Learners: A Resource for Educators

Topic: Policy, Leadership, and Advocacy


Object(s): survey