Ch.06 Survey: Classroom Instruction and Assessment

Use this survey to focus your observations of classes that serve ELLs (general education, ESL, bilingual). Use a plus sign (+) when you have observed exemplary practice in this area, a check mark when you have observed evidence of this practice, and a minus sign (-) when you have found no evidence of this practice. Jot down evidence of the practice that you observed. Use the data that you collect on this survey to focus conversations with teachers and to guide decisions about professional development. Review your observations and evidence to identify strengths of classroom instruction and assessment for ELLs at your school, future possibilities you can see, and concrete action steps you can take. Feel free to revise the survey as necessary to focus your observations on areas of concern (e.g., particular strategies that teachers are targeting in professional development).

Publication: English Language Learners at School: A Guide for Administrators, 2nd edition

Topic: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment


Object(s): survey