Biliteracy Collection

Biliteracy from the Start: Literacy Squared in Action by Kathy Escamilla, Susan Hopewell, Sandra Butvilofsky, Wendy Sparrow, Lucinda Soltero-González, Olivia Ruiz-Figueroa, and Manuel Escamilla uses a holistic biliteracy framework to guide and structure educators’ curriculum, instruction, assessment, and research efforts for biliteracy.

Teaching for Biliteracy: Strengthening Bridges between Languages by Karen Beeman and Cheryl Urow shows teachers how to develop biliteracy units of instruction, and introduces the Bridge—the instructional time when teachers bring the two languages together for contrastive analysis.

The Literacy Club: Effective Instruction and Intervention for Linguistically Diverse Learners by Kathryn Henn-Reinke and Xee Yang is a step-by-step guide that provides effective instruction and intervention for 1) emerging English learners learning English as a new language, 2) Spanish speakers learning bilingually, and 3) emerging Spanish learners learning bilingually. It is a tier 2 intervention that helps teachers accelerate literacy development.

The Translanguaging Classroom: Leveraging Student Bilingualism for Learning by Ofelia García, Susana Ibarra Johnson, and Kate Seltzer explains what translanguaging means, presents a flexible translanguaging pedagogy that can be implemented in any context, and demonstrates how teachers can engage with all of the languages in a students’ linguistic repertoire to support content learning, language development, and equity.

La enseñanza en el aula bilingüe: Content, language, and biliteracy by Sandra Mercuri and Sandra Musanti with Alma Rodriguez is a pedagogically-rich text, written primarily in Spanish, that shows bilingual educators how to teach content, language, and biliteracy to their diverse bilingual learners in any type of bilingual classroom. Bilingual educators learn how to plan and implement interdisciplinary biliteracy instruction that enables their bilingual students to learn academic content through two languages and strengthen their oral and written Spanish and English.

Publication: Caslon Community

Topic: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment


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