Differentiating instruction and assessment for ELLs

This is a presentation that Rebecca Freeman Field uses and adapts in professional development workshops on Differentiating Instruction and Assessment for ELLs. The workshop revolves around Fairbairn & Jones-Vo (2010).

Session description:
This workshop is for general education/content, ESL/world language/bilingual education specialists, and literacy coaches who have ELLs in their classes and schools.
We draw on the WIDA English language development (ELD) standards, and teachers learn how to select appropriate instructional and assessment strategies for their ELLs at different stages of English language development. (Educators in non-WIDA states use their state ELD standards.)
We also consider how other important factors (e.g., literacy in the first language, prior education, cultural differences) inform a teachers’ efforts to differentiate instruction for the ELLs in their classes.
We emphasize the importance of shared responsibility, teacher collaboration, and using student performance data to guide decisionmaking.

Publication: Differentiating Instruction and Assessment for English Language Learners: A Guide for K-12 Teachers

Topic: Professional Development


Object(s): presentation