Example of Differentiated Writing Rubric

Table 3-2 is an example of a differentiated rubric designed for scoring or grading content-based writing. It is not meant to be a perfect representation of how to grade ELLs across ELP levels; rather, it is meant to provide insight and to serve as a starting place for teachers to develop their own differentiated rubrics. Readers may notice that some language-related criteria are either not graded at all for students at lower ELP levels or are graded more “gently.” For example, as a general rule, no Ds or Fs are issued to students at level 1 because their language development does not allow much production; there are databased reasons for not requiring level 1 or 2 students to produce grammatical work.

Publication: Differentiating Instruction and Assessment for English Language Learners: A Guide for K-12 Teachers, second edition

Topic: Professional Development


Object(s): Rubric