CABE 2021 Caslon authors at our Virtual Exhibit

Caslon is proud to have so many authors represented at this year’s CABE 2021 Virtual Conference, Standing Together for Unity, Multiliteracy, and Equity, March 23 – 27, 2021. We are also happy to announce that several of these authors will be at the Caslon Virtual Exhibit between 2 and 3 pm each afternoon. This 1-minute video introduces these conversations with the authors. We will post recordings of these conversations after the conference.

Tuesday: Jim Cummins (keynote) and his co-author Raymond Isola (Transforming Sanchez School: Shared leadership, equity and evidence) talk with bilingual and general education leaders about the dynamic role of the principal in long-term educational change. Isola was engaged in this school transformation for thirteen years as principal of Sanchez School in San Francisco.

Wednesday: Rebecca Field invites your feedback on Caslon Learning, our new web-based professional learning system featuring The Translanguaging Classroom by Ofelia García, Susana Ibarra Johnson, and Kate Seltzer. Field will demonstrate the system, and invite questions and comments on its different features.

Thursday: Kathy Escamilla and Susan Hopewell, co-authors of Biliteracy from the Start answer your questions about biliteracy instruction and assessment.

Friday: Sandra Mercuri and Sandra Musanti as launch their new book La enseñanza en el aula bilingüe: Content, language, and biliteracy, which is written primarily in Spanish. Sandra and Sandra will talk with you about the strategic and purposeful use of Spanish and English for instructional and assessment purposes on two levels: in the elementary bilingual classroom, and to structure professional learning for bilingual teachers.

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Topic: Professional Development


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